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“I hate it here”

BEWARE:  Offensive language ahead.

You have been warned. Continue reading at your own risk:

– You don’t learn dice making in a school.  You learn it by making fucking dice. You teach yourself to wire up your own brain and gut and reproductive organs into one frightening machine that you aim at the blanks like a meat gun –

Previous statement, as many of you might already have identified, is a parody of  Spider Jerusalem’s own definition of journalism.

I remember the first time I picked up a Transmetropolitan issue. I was too young, and it was too strange, so I left it on the comic shop. Some years later, I vaguely remembered a bald guy with strange coloured glasses, so I bought my first number of “Transmetropolitan“.

Oh man, what a jewel I had missed all those years.

All that, of course, is my personal opinion, but if you like post cyberpunk science fiction, you should give it a try.

About the die itself..

Main character is a widely tatooed/drug user/smoker/bald guy. That by itself is not ultimately exclusive per se. On the other hand, his journalist glasses (made by his drug addicted replicator), are an iconic and unmistakable item.

Shouldn’t be for the headache certainty, I would own ones already. ^^

Certainly, Spider would use his bowel disruptor on me because of it, but anyways I present you a Spiderized die, for all us fans who love this amazing comic.


3 Responses to ““I hate it here””

  1. How do you have colored the lens? Inked?

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