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Multithemed die. A_custom order history

Some time ago, Martin, from Engine Publishing, contacted me about making some custom dice (what else!? ^^ ) for a contest thei’ll be running in a near future.

We went from a company specific design, to a more generic themed dice, in a couple brainstorming emails. Now that it is finished, I caught him saying “I did zero work”…but that is not true, because had him did nothing, the die would have been a LOT different.

His initial revised concept was:

Multi-genre dice. Two numbers represent fantasy, two represent sci-fi, and two represent horror. Fantasy might swords, flags, branches and leaves; sci-fi could be circuitry, hardware bits, spaceship-inspired; and horror might involve wisp, ghost-like numbers, or teeth and claws.

I liked the idea, but I also thought that doing a custom dice, with the customer only providing the “concept” would make a die not really fit to his taste. So, in a subtle manner, I made him work too, throwing both of us in the brainstorming of each die face.

If you have been following the blog/facebook, you might have seen the intermediate tests/failures.

  • The bad: Seeing that the metal inlay hasn’t enough detail to represent a sci-fi spaceship (other than starwars).
  • The good: Finally mastering the copper inlay process. Now We can have two colors!

Finally, in a “stroke of brilliance” (his words ^^ ), we changed the spaceship fail, with a Starmap (Starchart…whatever…) that resulted awesome, and really completes the die. As a funny side note: I kept the first test die, and whenever I roll two fours, I get the Starmap + Spaceships.

The numbers are represented as follows:

  1. Broad sword.
  2. Zombie hands.
  3. Electronic components.
  4. Starmap with 3 planets orbiting a 4th celestial body.
  5. Claw marks
  6. Arrows.

I hope you like it as much as Martin and I, do.


6 Responses to “Multithemed die. A_custom order history”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m floored by the results, despite already owning one of your dice and knowing what to expect — this is a gorgeous die.

    I said it in email and I’ll say it again here: This is part of why I love the Internet. We live halfway around the world from each other and have never met, yet out of the blue we collaborated to come up with a cool design that you then turned into an amazing, hand-crafted finished product. Totally awesome. 🙂

    We’ll be giving away a pair of these dice on Gnome Stew (http://www.gnomestew.com) to celebrate the launch of our multi-genre plot book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters (http://www.enginepublishing.com/eureka-501-adventure-plots-to-inspire-game-masters). I haven’t pinned down the exact date, but it’s likely to be the end of this month.

  2. I haven’t ingested enough coffee yet this morning to type the name of the book properly, apparently: That’s 501 Adventure Plots, not 502. 😉

    • Maybe there is a secret adventure you didn’t want us to know…a secret plot, disguised as metallic paint on some letters, that can only be discovered if you X-ray the closed book.
      (also, corrected the previous reply ^^)

  3. These are beautiful dice! Great work guys!

  4. Man these are beautiful looking. This is some great work! I can’t wait to give one a roll.

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