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Structural Integrity.

I thought, no words might do justice to the beauty of this die, so instead of my usual text introduction, this time, I just stamped the main pic here.

More after the pause.

Well…finally I managed to finish this troublesome build.

I’d like to state that I used the verb “build” instead of craft/make or others, because in the end, doing this die was more or less an assembling process, like riveting an old building.

So far, “Structural Integrity” it’s the most difficult die I have made, and, altough I plan to make even more difficult/complex ones…this will remain as one of the prettiest dice I have made, rivaling with “Industrial Fantasy” dice.

The usual complete pics:






This die feels like nothing else you have handled ever. It is unbeliebable light, yet strong. (on previous tests, I hammered the nails really hard, and the die structure did not fail.

Anyways, the die will be shipped in a protective case, so you can carry it along your other dice.

Now avaliable at the shop!

I forgot to add the sizing:

This die measures 20mm across. Originally was 18mm, but the nails added one mm on each side. Also, here is a pic of it on my hand.


10 Responses to “Structural Integrity.”

  1. Wow! This is the most amazing die I ever laid eyes upon! And I fear it’s probably the most expensive, too!

    What will be the price for this beauty?

    • Thanks ^^
      My gf also liked it a lot…it’s pure awesomeness in your hand…

      Now that you say it, it’s not the most expensive one. At 45€ it goes second after the Carbon Fiber D3, wich was 50€.

  2. 45€ is still a lot of money. Is there any way to reduce the cost?

  3. I’m afraid not… 😦 altough I wish there was…
    It’s a nightmare to assemble this die…and that’s why the price tag…

  4. I would want this die and four or five more identicle for a set. Ohh please…

  5. Congratulations! Great dice!

  6. An incredible piece of work. This is the kind of die that would shine in any gamer’s collection. Great effort…great creation.

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