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Isn’t it nice…

…when holes are perfectly round?

More testing is being done on the fabrication process…but it is getting progressively better ^^. The die is still unnamed, but officially known as “The hollow die”…when finished, I hope to give it a decent name.

Should I put it for preorder?

At 45€ a piece, I don’t think so…^^U


People are helping a lot with parts and pieces for the laser engraver. Since I did found the motors, I still needed the precision metal guides and self lubricated bearings from the laser carriers. Thanks guys! ^^ I’m halfway in the final design, just waiting for the motors arrival and the final measurements of the guide bars. When done, I should be able to do some really nice designs with it…


3 Responses to “Isn’t it nice…”

  1. That is a thing of Beauty.

  2. Maybe you can name this as Sniper dice??

    • Naa…there is already a “Crosshair” die…altough If I ever find some cheap optics, I’ll make something wich would deserve such a name.

      Thanks anyway. 🙂

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