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Atomic D10

And now?
We can draw on metal dice!

“Atomic” – D10.

After a loooong week of work, yesterday I finally managed to get some prototyping time ^^,  I did the stencil by hand, so the image is not perfect, but for those who wonder how sharp can it be done, here’s another example:

This thing is aluminium oxide, wich is harder than aluminium alone. Also, rubbing will make the images darker!. As you can see, it can achieve fantastic definition (always on b/w). Should you want dice with custom drawings, you have two options:

  • Simple designs, not much precision:
    Stencil by hand, for a single die.
    Price: Die*1,8
  • Printer quality:
    The thing will look awesome, just look at the tiny asterisk.
    Price: 40€ stencil fee* + (dice x 1,35)
    Stencil cost is divisible between persons.

I hope you like it ^^

* For standard lettering, you might get lucky and reduce the stencil fee to only 4€, just ask!


One Response to “Atomic D10”

  1. Wow!! I love this design. As soon as I get some extra cash I’ll be in contact.
    If I make a stencil would you like it in PNG format?
    The price is a little confusing though.

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