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Custom dice prices

Twice I’ve been asked for hundred’s of my dice.

It is not that i don’t appreciate people liking my works, but today’s request for 20/50/100 dice quote, made me think that maybe, all my pages are misleading in one thing:


I am used to think that people will look over my ebay shop to get a feeling of my dice prices, but I might be totally wrong. Because of that, today (while working hard on gearwheel and electronics symbols dice), I decided to finally resolve that, creating a post on the price range topic. Now, I have three main products, with each you get the following:

  • Metal inlaid dice: AWESOMENESS. Unique in the world, real metal on the die shines itself out of the ordinary.

  • Metal machined dice: One die to rule them all. With these, you will stand out of the crowd, not just by having unique/different dice, but by having ODD sided dice.

  • Printed dice: B/W Photographic quality images on your dice. You can make them yourself, but if you don’t want to, we can make them for you.

  • Lasered dice (almost finished machine): beautifully detailed dice, at affordable prices for single units. Expected price is 14€ on the first D6, second and third units, will probably be cheaper. We hope not to rise the prices much, for the other poliedrons.

That said, here are the price ranges:

  • Metal inlaid dice, single unit:
  • 14€
  • Metal inlaid dice, two units:
  • 20€
  • Metal inlaid dice, 3 up to 10 units:
  • 8€ each
  • Metal inlaid dice 11 and more:
  • 7,5€ each
  • Printed dice:
  • 3,75€ per die.
  • Metal machined dice:
  • 3 sided: 10€
  • 4 sided: 8€
  • 5 sided: 12€
  • 6 sided: 8€
  • 6 sided bipyramid: 19€
  • 7 sided: 14€
  • 8 sided: 9€
  • 9 sided: 16€
  • 10 sided: 10€
  • 11 sided: 20€
  • 12sided: 14€
  • 13 sided: 22€
  • 14 sided: 16€
  • 15 sided: 25€
  • d20 roller: 23€
  • d20 ring, simple version:50€
  • d20 ring, faceted: 90€
  • 36 sided dipyramid: 50€

Those prices are (if applicable) for single units. should you want, for example, six 13 sided dice, ask for discounts ^^.


  • Worldwide: 3,5€
  • Spain: 2,5€
  • Local Pickup: Free

I hope this helps people who wanted to know, but where afraid to ask. ^^


6 Responses to “Custom dice prices”

  1. Great idea, only one thing (this is only a suggestion) can you add some images of each dice near to the prices?? This will give an idea of the die… so you can keep this post as price sheet under the links at the menu on the right (under shop, facebook and youtube links) for future references…
    Keep the good work!

  2. Will be looking to give you some of my income as soon as I can… Your products are awesome.

  3. Do you have a rough idea of pricing when you’re ready with the laser?

    Can you do dice with other numbers of sides with the metal inlays or laser engraved? The standard d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20.

    • I’ll be able to do laser engrave any die when the machine is ready (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20) The pricing will depend on the laser I use (right now, the small laser I have, takes an HOUR to do a single face on a D6. Solid state lasers are pricey, and I might wait a little to upgrade.
      As for now, a single D6 laser engraved might be around 10/15€, and I will be able to produce a single die per day ^^U
      Should I sell enough dice (I hope so!) I might upgrade the laser, and make dice faster, wich in turn would make them cheaper.

      As for metal inlaid dice, right now I can do D4’s, D6, and D8 with a more or less decent price. D10, D12 and D20, require tons of work, and they would be very expensive. Also, D20’s faces are very tiny, and metal engraving hast low detail, so they can’t have that much artwork put in them.

      I hope this helps ^^

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