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Help needed for the Laser Engraver 1.0

Well, it seems locating BROKEN dvd drives is a lot harder than I thought!

Well people…finally (I simply could not give up on searching) I found what I was looking for!!! (insert manly triumph comments here, altough it was sheer chance…)

First of all, I want to thank everybody who offered their help, dvd drives and info. Sincerely, THANKS!

Now, what did I find? I found a chinese page,wich sells the aforementioned motors I needed, but the shipping was $36, more doubling parts price…

Fortunately, I saw they had for sale stepper motor chips for repair, and looking for datasheets on that, I found by chance a UK shop, with the same prices and free shipping!! Wohooo!!.

So I didn’t think twice an bought:

The most promising is the PS2. it seems to have low pitch thread. but I bought 3x each, just in case ^^.

In the end, it seems that my laser engraver will be a complete success ^^ i’ll keep you informed of the advances.


4 Responses to “Help needed for the Laser Engraver 1.0”

  1. Ask in gp32spain forums maybe they can help you, there are a lot of pc freaks…
    By the way, have you read mi last email? Have you asked in hacked gadgets forums?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mark Cunningham and Mark Cunningham, Abraham Neddermann. Abraham Neddermann said: Blog update-> Dicecreator asks for help: http://wp.me/pNhbI-l7 I need to locate broken Bluray and laptop DVD drives… please RT […]

  3. Tengo un par de lectores de CD de portatil rotos y un grabador de DVD de portatil que esta en las ultimas, por si los motores te sirven. Estoy en la zona de Barcelona

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