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What do YOU want?

Begin digression/

I must recognize that I can easily get carried away by the R+D part of making dice. I love to create and experiment with techniques and materials, as with aestetics too.

Given the fact that I have not yet gained much recognition, the sales on the shop are low (don’t worry! I don’t plan to close it in a near future ^^ ) so in some time, I’ll be seeking a complementary job to help at home.

The point is, my production rate is as consistent as quicksand in Indiana Jones movies, because I get distracted, so I would like to ask for your input.

What do you people want, from what I have made until now? I know that some people is waiting for Gearwheel dice, so that’s first in the queue. Also, one person is “waiting” for some metal dice…wich is second in the queue. But apart from that, is anyone expecting something else on the shop?

Drop me an email, or a comment in this post ^^

/end digression.

On more interesting things:

Later today, using the new technique I invented, I’ll be releasing some dice I wanted to make some time ago, for wich the brass inlaid technique  was not the best one to achieve the aestetic effect I wanted. The “printed” dice will have an incredible cheap price of only 3.75€  (cheaper than any other thing I have released until now). Bear in mind that in time, they will fade, but as far as my own rubbing tests go (against my hand, or the table) they are fairly resistant.

In the future I plan to do something so people can send their b/w  (color avaliable in the future) artworks for custom dice, and as said, for a single unit up to a few, they will be cheaper than what other companies offer.


5 Responses to “What do YOU want?”

  1. The custom dice sounds very exciting, although it could be a lot of work.

    • I think I’d love to have a lot of work ^^, and also, since I’ve been doing dice for “so long”, there is a moment where I can do them without much effort 🙂

  2. Hello
    I was really impressed by your creativity and I really liked the steam punk dice. But you seem to be out of them at your shop on line (that or I could not find them which is likely :), please let me know where or when I could purchase them. Thank You
    oab081@hotmail.com (e-mail)

  3. I really like the hybird d4/d6 die. I liked that they function as regular dice, but could also be used as d46. I wanted to make an RPG based off these dice alone.

    The other way I wanted to use these dice was to give a player with a special ability the option to add the number counterclockwise to the die result as a bonus. Instead of rolling from 1 to 6, the person with the bonus would be rolling from 3 to 10.

    That’s just me. Whatever you make is really cool.

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