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Printing dice.

Today I did more tests on the technique, and did some more pics for you to see how do they look like.

As you can see, the transparency of the deposited material, is zero. So, printing black on any color, will yeld a nice finish.

On the red ones, you can see all the processes at once. Blank face, deposited material with white substrate, and the finished face, after a light sanding.  Altough the toner thickness is small, and you CAN damage it if sanding without care (I recommend a sandpaper well over 1200 grit) as far as rubbing and handling the dice, the toner stays where you melt it.

Also, I began to make the “Army” dice. I really like how they resulted, and I think it will be a good addition for any wargamer out there, especially for those playing modern games.

The Army die (and, as far as I see, every other die with this technology) will be for sale on the shop at an incredible 3,5€ per die.


5 Responses to “Printing dice.”

  1. OMG! So beautiful.
    Grats for new Dice type’s.

  2. Who do you use to supply your blanks?

    • I’m using em4 miniatures, wich is the nearest blank dice supplier to Spain (they reside in UK) But I think you should not have any problems regarding the die supplier.

  3. I am very excited to see how well this has worked out. I ordered about a variety of different blanks to experiment on. I’m glad to see that you’ve had some success with different materials.

  4. Very nice results! I love the green army!
    Only a suggestion: In the green army dice you can substitute the number one for a star…

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