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Post apocalyptic contest winner.

Well, I will admitt that I was tempted to drop the contest…only three contestands applied, and also the contest itself got heavily criticized on the DaC forums.  But I gave it a second thought, and it would have been a shame to have a price not given away.

In the end, after looking at the symbols. I have decided to pick the “Old radiation safety symbol” from Isidro Corral. It is the symbol wich was given around 1950 to fallout shelters and such. Altough it is not a symbol straight out from the Fallout games, it captures the essence of the  alternate 1950’s fallout-esque fear of nuclear things.

The civil defense symbol for a fallout shelter consists of a circle divided into six equal sections, three of these sections are black and three yellow. There is no central circle. The Office of Civil Defense originally intended fallout shelters to use the radiation warning symbol with the circle in the center and the three blades, but this idea was rejected because a fallout shelter represents safety whereas the radiation warning symbol represents a hazard.

As a winner, he will receive two dice with the symbol instead of number “1” .


I will make a die for the other two contestants, wich will be shipped along any other die they would purchase in the future.

Thankyou all you three for participating, and if I ever organize another contest, maybe you will participate again!


One Response to “Post apocalyptic contest winner.”

  1. Thank you! It´s the first contest I win in my life!!!! The price will be perfect for mi dice collection!
    I want to thank you for this good idea and aim you to do in the future more contest, it will be good for the shop.
    Thank you!

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