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Into the dark side.

After doing so many brass/plastic dice, I’ve switched again to the metal ones for a while. I’ll be doing the odd sided ones, plus some other things and, as always, random aesthetic variations ^^

Today However, I fell in the dark side, and did a normal die.

I got into the realm of the even sided dice, experimenting with our beloved D10/100. Nothing out of the ordinary, but worth the effort to see it. (Yes I know, I can see it in 3D cad, but it’s not the same).

Not sure I will make all the rest (D4, D6, D8, D12, D14) but I could end doing them, just for fun.

I just notticed that my number “4” punch is damaged. Don’t worry, I have not one, but two, replacements.

Damaged die in shop. Good ones link.


One Response to “Into the dark side.”

  1. jejeje I’ve just send you an email about to experiment with new dice forms when I realized this new post…
    These looks great!
    Keep the good work!

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