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More dice crossbreeding

Today what I was really doing was prototyping a small metal D3 that has been on my ideas buffer for a long time. From 5 sides up, all my metal barrel dice have a size and mass that feels “ok” in the hand, but the D3 might feel a bit clumsy for some. I did not want to make a scaled down version of the usual D3…that would have been plain boring ^^U. Also, as you scale down, the odds of the D3 being stuck in one of it’s big round edges, increases greatly.

Given that, the only way to go, was a good triangle shape. I was halfway in it, when I remembered that I had seen that design before…Also my lathe decided that I should not make that…(I was using a small scrap piece, and it flew away while doing quick slots on the machine). (youtube link)

As I recall, someone said “Inspiration will always find you working”, and here is what came out:

What about a D4 and D3 mashup?


2 Responses to “More dice crossbreeding”

  1. Good idea but in my opinion it’s a bit long…
    Good idea the youtube channel too.
    By the way, the favicon you made for your blog is very dark…

  2. Yes…I’ve retired the die from the shop…I think the rush for updates just made me oblivious to detail as I am used to be…I’m now on the mill…redoing things…let’s see what comes out…

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