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D3 crosbreeding:Revision

You know, I have been out for a while, and I think I rusted a little bit. The shop sold almost everything, and (as usually ^^U  ) it has few products. I fell victim of my own need to say “Hey, I’m back!” and as a result, the first D3 went right into the blog (and shop ^^U)…but, guess what…I don’t like that first version very much, too small and flimsy.

So I went to the drawing board, and then to the mill and lathe…and I made something I like more:

Slightly bigger, but proportionally shorter.

Also, I’m starting to see some permutations on the shape…just for looks, of course…but they should be fun to do 😀


One Response to “D3 crosbreeding:Revision”

  1. Yeah! This new design looks better!

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