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Post apocalyptic Competition and more.

Photo: Marc Sanz

As of now, there are only three contestants. I’ve seen things I like, but unless more contestants appear, I’ll probably declare the competition null. (But I’d hate to do so)

C’mon people, just jump in! ^^

New product on the shop to be displayed tomorrow:

Hollow D3 (unfinished, needs a torough sanding):

Someone asked about how come I did not sell the hollow D3 (cheaper than the carbon one) and I said: “Because they won’t sell”. Anyways, yesterday I was firing up my mill and lathe to regain the feeling with my machines, and just for fun, decided to make one to prove my point. Price will be 25€ (half the carbon one). This die can be used as a normal D3, but beware, it is somewhat fragile, and I advise against it’s continued usage and/or being stuffed inside a normal dice bag.

From time to time my girlfriend wears one of this as a necklace.  🙂  (I’ll insert a link to the shop when finished)


3 Responses to “Post apocalyptic Competition and more.”

  1. Welcome back! C’mon don’t drop this!!!! Let me WIN!! XD
    I’ll put some post about it in some forums, please wait!!!

  2. Won’t drop it yet…don’t worry.
    Since I’ve been out for some time, I think I’ll lengthen the contest finish date a little bit. How about May 17?
    Let’s see if someone else wants to give it a try 🙂

  3. OK. I’ve spammed the web. XD
    17 may it’s ok.

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