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Post apocalyptic theme contest!

Usually, I prefer to make dice only of my own design. That gives me freedom of choice on everything. But, on some topics I must agree that outside input would make for better designs than my ideas alone.

I really want to make dice based on post apocalyptic themes, but I also know that out there, lots of hardcore fans have great ideas that could be translated into cool dice desgins.

Given that, I present you with a great opportunity, make a desgin inspired by the Fallout game series, and get the chance to win a pair of dice with your design!.

Contest basis:

  1. By participating, you agree to lincense the artwork for dice making ONLY, credits will be given on the blog and on the shop for the designer. (Remember, I do not produce much of anything, so I won’t get rich at your back! ^^)
  2. There is no limit on the number of submissions, however, only one design will be chosen.
  3. All submissions must be sent to dicecreator(at)gmail.com
  4. I’ll choose the design I like more, but publish all the received designs (unless you want your design to be secret if not chosen)
  5. Contest might be declared NULL if I do not like any design. (I mean: no winners)
  6. Timeframe: Contest will run for two weeks, starting today (April 28), ending on May 17 (extended final date). After publishing the winner, the dice will be made between May 17 and May 20.

Design rules:

  1. The die will be a D6. The design will be for only one face.
  2. Max design diameter: 14mm (circle).
  3. Minimum gap between parts: 0.3mm.
  4. Minimum thickness on any part: 0.3mm.
  5. Complete circles NOT ALLOWED. (look at the Dr. Manhattan die for examples)
  6. Base color: BLACK or RED or BLUE or LIGHT GREEN.
  7. Details color: matte gold (brass), can be treated as Yellow during design.
  8. Your design will substitute the number “1” face. the other numbers will be drawn in the Fallout original font.
  9. If the design is in vector format, that would make my life easier, but it’s not mandatory.

Tips and tricks: look at the rest of the blog. Think on silhouettes and simple desgns. The best example would be the Nevermet Press monster die. Look at the original drawing and then the silhouette, how simplified it is.

Any comments or suggestions will be apreciated.


10 Responses to “Post apocalyptic theme contest!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mad Brew, Abraham Neddermann. Abraham Neddermann said: Blog Update-> Fallout dice theme contest!: Submit your design,and win a pair of dice with your artwork! http://wp.me/pNhbI-f5 #Fallout #RPG […]

  2. Well, I’m not an artist, so I can’t really do an artistic submission… do you mind if I just describe my idea?

    • Sorry, instead of replying, i posted a comment.
      Go ahead, it will be interesting to see what do you have in mind. (if chosen, the credits will be given as “Original Idea of: ” instead of “Original design from:”)

  3. Simple and basic:

    This was a quick and dirty version. if you like it, let me know and I can do a clean vector drawing.

    I’m thinking, the player is going to be upset that they rolled a 1. So this would be an appropriate symbol of the disaster.

    • Sorry, instead of a reply, I just added another post.
      It’s okay, just send the artwork you prefer to the (now added) email adress. (to help me mantain all the designs organized)

  4. Uh, okay. No html code I guess.

    just go here: http://www.synapserpg.com/Nuke.jpg

  5. Very nice idea!!!
    What is the maximun number of designs for one person?

  6. The radiation trefoil is round, relates to fallout, and is in vector format all over the web. It has just the one dot in the center and seems simple enough.

  7. I am not creative by any means, but would love to know when the Fallout Dice are available for purchase! I would love to purchase a set!!!! Thanks

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