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Dice crossbreeding

Do dice have genetic code?

Should Terry Pratchett answer that, probably they would…

With that in mind, what happens when a D6 and D4 fall in love?

Here is one possibility:

A D6 whose number is read at the base, like a D4. Of course, I could also have placed the correct number centered on each face, but that would have been too annoying

I was tempted to do some wordplay with a “Large Dice Collider”…but I didn’t ^^U


5 Responses to “Dice crossbreeding”

  1. That’s just really cool.

    I like it a lot!

  2. Very very cool.

  3. Awesome dice, awesome idea. Keep good work!!!!!!

  4. In the same vein as a D66 (using d6’s like a percentile die) this could be a self-contained D46.

    Use the number at the base and the number to the left.

    Quick d46 table of adjectives to describe this die:

    12 – amazing
    13 – prime
    14 – marvelous
    15 – remarkable
    21 – superb
    23 – startling (in a good way)
    24 – cool
    26 – awesome
    31 – brilliant
    32 – fabulous
    35 – surprising
    36 – terrific
    41 – magnificent
    42 – excellent
    45 – fantastic
    46 – groovy
    51 – faboo
    53 – neat
    54 – different
    56 – clever
    62 – bold
    63 – spiffy
    64 – stupendous
    65 – phenomenal

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