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Monster die & Gearwheel evolution

Well, i’ts been a while since Jonathan Jacobs from Nevermet Press, contacted me about the dice I make. They wanted to make a contest, and were asking for prize sponsors.

At first, the idea was to make a pair of dice with their characteristic “N” symbol, but the unique nature of my fabricating process, wich allows for “rapid” prototyping, made me suggest that I was able to do a silhouette of the contest’s monster.

Artist Rob Torno kindly provided a simplified silhouette for the monster he made.

As for the rest of the faces in each die, the Monster die, by Jonathan request, was going to go with the usual dots. The Gearwheel dice, was another matter. With such a big gearwheel and a metallic “N” in one face,  there would be trouble in die balance. Jonathan suggested at first to make gears on each face, wich I agreed too. Later he asked about the numbering font on each face, and said that if it was simpler, then I could go with dots too.

But just dots where too odd, given how great the Nevermet Press symbol is…so I made a mashup with dots and gears, and this is what I got:


4 Responses to “Monster die & Gearwheel evolution”

  1. I entered that contest enthusiastically.

    I am currently running your Halo and Gear dice through the ringer, and once I feel I have efficiently and sufficiently abused them—I’ll write up my review.

  2. we love them. THANK YOU!

    a bunch of NMP developers are wondering if they can buy them.

  3. […] will receive a pair of custom Nevermet Press dice from Unconventional Dice, a signed copy of Open Game Table (Vol. 1) in print, and the three eBooks/PDFs Martial Flavor from […]

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