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New FUDGE dice. Conventionalism vs. design

One of the first dice produced here, where the FUDGE dice that some people talked about on an interview at Stargazers blog.

Since then, fudge has been on and off my mind multiple times. At one point, my good friend J.A.  said: “I’m sure you will do amazing things with those fudge dice”( found it on my inbox)

“Fudge dice aren’t usually my favorites, but I expect you’ll do something that makes them better than usual!”

As some people might recall, I disappointed her somewhat. They looked nice, but where just plain fudge dice, at that point, I must admit that I thought nothing could be done on the fudge area.

Flash forward  a couple months.

Things are getting serious…in more ways that you can imagine.

I’m getting enough sales to make me dream of someday, make a living on this…I’m getting things like “contracts” and “licenses” with very nice people that treat me really well (NmP)…but that is the “job” part…I have to say, it is actually changing me, too.

As my friend M.N.C told me one day…”your creative output it’s just crazy, you should slow down”. With that in mind, I assumed that at one point, my creativity would run dry, and I would end making prototypes from time to time. But the truth is that now, while I walk with my girlfriend, ideas strike me like drops of whater in heavy rain.

I feel like I’m still accelerating my dice prototypes output, the only thing that keeps me from doing three prototypes a week is that I have to do production too!.

I still live with some fear about not having ideas…but I’m getting used to ^^.

With that said, let’s go to more interesting things:

What do you think?…I just thought that there is no necessity for 4 arm crosses, just some clearly recognisable plus and minus symbols. NOW AVALIABLE here.

Let me know your opinion ^^.


10 Responses to “New FUDGE dice. Conventionalism vs. design”

  1. Can I write you an email in Spanish??? I have something to ask you and I explain myself better in spanish.

  2. Of course you can, my email is in the blog main page ^^

  3. I have to admit, I really like the design for those FUDGE dice. The standard set that gets sold is so bland, I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy them; these on the other hand, look much more interesting.

  4. Any dualistic symbol(s) will work for the – and +, yin and yang, -1 +1 (suitably stylized), angel and devil, male and female, sun and moon?. Alternatively the blank face doesn’t have to be blank, just something that represents zero, naught, void, emptiness, etc.

    I would rather see themed FUDGE dice than generic ones. So, horror set, sci-fi set, fantasy set, modern set, kung-fu set, etc.

  5. Really, you could pick any 3 symbols. The standard (equilateral cross/plus, minus, blank) are just the easiest to recognize.

    Imagine for a moment:

    1) Star Wars: Empire, Rebellion, blank (which is the plus? depends on whether you’re pro-empire or pro-rebellion)

    2) Judeo-Christian-Islamic: crescent moon + star, cross (of some type), star of david (which is plus? which is minus? which is blank? up to the gamer(s) — as long as it’s well known before you roll, it’ll work).

    3) Sword, Shield, blank

    or almost any other binary/trinary symbol groups (where, for binary, you use “blank” as the third symbol).

  6. I see, maybe I had a lack of knowledge because none of the people I game with, plays FUDGE.

    I’ll produce only a few sets then, given that there are already lots of other usable dice ^^

  7. If you sold these, I’d buy them. I just bought a pack of FUDGE dice and they just are kinda dull. These are far more interesting.

  8. Thanks for the cheering ^^

    It’s the most controversial die I have done yet, but I’ll probably produce a few sets anyways.
    They’ll be announced on the blog whenever ready.

  9. Greetings, did you make simple fudge dices too? I licensed Spirit of the Century to portuguese (Brazil) and i need to import “some”… Send me an email, please. []’s

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