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Dr. Manhattan V1.5 & 2.0

After some time, the Watchmen dice set suffers it’s first changes.

Due to different expansion rates in plastic and brass, whenever I try to insert a big ring into the plastic, it ends popping up in one or more places. On the side pic, you can see how all three rings have failed.

After lots of trials, I just found that there is no reliably way to insert the Dr.  Manhattan rings in the plastic dice. Some tinkering later, I found the solution, changing the design to avoid (or minimize) expansion stress in the brass rings.

So from now on, the Dr. Manhattan die will look like this: (note the split rings on each “electron”)

The failing rings also revealed a groove beneath them. As seen in the “colour experiments” post, it was found that the dice will allow the grooves to be filled with resin and sanded to a nice flush surface finish.

That way, the Dr. Manhattan 2.0 die was born. I personally think that the black die it’s the best choice for completing the watchmen set, but unfortunately it would make it more expensive, because I have to do a complete die, then remove the metal and fill it with resin. Not only I have to scrap the metal, but to wait between application of resin on each face (to avoid dripping).


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