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Making of: Watchmen dice

Or: Why are they so damn expensive.

In one word:


More in depth, it means that unlike the other dice, the metal pieces themselves have finer detail.

Here you can see failed and valid a acid masks, done for a Nite Owl die. Observe how  the apertures are really closed. The mask has almost covered the small apertures that define the ship’s eyes.

In order to correct that, you have to have a really small blade and good pulse. On the lower image, you can see this piece after a careful pass of the surgeon hands ^^. Those tiny lines, measure just 0,2mm (aprox 7 thou). That should give us a nice 0,5mm aperture after the acid bath.

Even the simpler Silk Spectre die, needs some touch-up. The lines that show the panty garter belt, measure around 0,25mm, and the V groove on the breast part, is even thinner.

In the end, not everything is easier as it looks like. ^^


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