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Electronics symbols die.

Today, while just about to do it, I just realized that the (previous) design was plain dull. It had no personality, in a way, it said nothing to me…they where just symbols…

Thinking for a while, idea struck my mind…something like the history of components…

The idea is to represent the electronics advancement in time, and the symbols are:

  1. Resistor. Any metal whire has electrical resistance.
  2. Capacitor(+ resistor). Two metal plates that can store energy between them.
  3. Coil (+ capacitor + resistor). A wound whire that resists electrical current change.
  4. Diode (+ coil + capacitor + resistor). Allows electrical current in one direction but not the other. Precursor of the transistor.
  5. Operational amplifier. Makes use of all the above components to create a singular circuit capable of amplifying, filtering and much more.
  6. Integrated circuit. The pinacle of electronics. Any component of the above doesn’t get smaller than in this package.

I hope this design satisfies those who voted the die in the poll. Let me know what do you think.

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8 Responses to “Electronics symbols die.”

  1. 2 should have been capacitor+coil and 3 the transistor (3 leads, 3 junctions, etc).

    • I thought about the transistor as the number 3, but people might have had a hard time reading the transistor as a number “3” instead of a number “1”, so I choosed to show another component instead. I can remember my first electronics classes, when the teacher first explained to us the NPN (or PNP) juntions with two diodes conected end to end. But that is one of infinite variations of layouts ^^ I’ll let you know if I ever make a die with NPN and PNP transistors πŸ™‚

  2. […] handmade electronics dice from the Dicecreator represent numerals via a historical timeline of component development – from […]

  3. […] handmade electronics dice from the Dicecreator represent numerals via a historical timeline of component development – […]

  4. Cool! When do the twenty sided come out?

    • I doubt I will make a 20 sided electronics symbols poliedron. (I doubt I could cram 20 different symbols wich could mean 20 different numbers and where reliable to understand.
      Just as a proof of concept, take a normal D20, and see how small the triangles are…I’ll stick with D6 for now (altough I have blank D8’s and D10’s around, just in case I get creative πŸ˜‰ )

  5. Are these going to be marketed anytime soon or plans given out ? πŸ™‚ would you be selling these through Sparkfun if they are to be sold?

    • They are marketed, and already sold some :). Now I am doing some metal dice (wich I have left unnatended for a while) but you can expect them to be in my shop, in about two weeks (yes, I’m sorry, it’s a looooooooooong time, but ask some owners, they all would say, the dice are worth the wait πŸ™‚

      I don’t think Sparkfun would want to do anything involved with dice, but you can check the blog from time to time, I always post newer sales on the shop πŸ™‚

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