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News and prototype preview.

Due to “complaints” (sort of ^^ wink, wink, nudge, nudge) about too much prototypes I have good news and bad news for everyone:

The bad: Next week there are NOT going to be any prototypes.

The good: All my time will be dedicated into production on the shop. That should bring the watchmen dice, more gearwheel dice and the missing poll winners.

To keep your interest up, on April 5, I shall reveal a completed prototype, called “Industrial Fantasy”.

Here you can see the first stage (without numbers)

I hope you like it.


2 Responses to “News and prototype preview.”

  1. Hey, that die looks pretty cool. Will you create six-sided and other variants of that die, too, or will it be 4-sided dice only?

    • There is a six sided die on the works too ^^, but I need a special fixture to work with a cubic shape and it has only one screw inserted in one corner, I thought it would look a little sad against the completed D4.

      Thankyou too, I thought the idea had fallen into oblivion… ^^U

      Also, I wave really limited number of screws, so a D6 and a D4 will go for auction, and should they sell well, I’ll buy a decent amount of screws (they are special, small and with torx type head, that cost a little fortune, yay!)

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