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Wargaming night dream.

I love to play sci-fi wargaming, not much, but enough to own an army and made a foam box for it.

From time to time I wander over internet looking for terrains, miniatures, maps… good stuff that people make, and draw inspiration from them.

Today’s die is for those avid wargamers that see life in hexagons, to carry their tiles one step further. ^^

As you can see, the die is slightly larger than the usual ones. That is because I was unable to find 16mm square blank dice, so these are 18mm. Not that much difference at all when you hold it.

Now that I take a second look at the die, I have seen that one of the faces has to be turned 90 degrees to either side, that way all sides endings will match. (will do a second proto another day, don’t worry)

I hope you like it anyways ^^.


One Response to “Wargaming night dream.”

  1. Awesome! awesome! Very nice design! I want one for my collection!

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