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Review Contest results!

Like Barenaked Ladies said:

-It’s been one week…(since you looked at me)

Jokes apart. I almost forgot hat it was time to throw the die. At the time of writing this post, there was 8 participants, in order of appearance:

  1. Isidroski
  2. scottsz
  3. KJ
  4. HeaDLesS
  5. UTSquishy
  6. Michael “Mad Brew” Brewer
  7. Greg Christopher
  8. Aaron

It’s a D8 then. (How odd, in my own bag of dice, I have only a D8…and it’s a small one that came with a Shadowrun combat figure).

Well, the results are (link to youtube, really crappy quality):

3, 3, 5.

KJ, double charm it is, one set goes for you, UTSquishy, congratulations, the other set claimed you.

To the other contestants, I’m sorry you didn’t won, but probably there will be other raffles ^^.


2 Responses to “Review Contest results!”

  1. Hooray 🙂

  2. Maybe next time…

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