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Tron Legacy: A prototype.

Well, I wanted this to be a surprise of some sort, but today, after arriving from the cinema (just saw “Book of Eli”) i made a quick test. I took a photo and simply could not resist to show you the concept.

I strongly recommend you to watch the trailer before taking a look at the die.

TRON LEGACY trailer.

Yes, it has the number 3 on all sides, sometimes I am lazy too. ^^

It’s far from perfect, but shows the idea I want to achieve.

DO NOT stay tuned about this, I have to source some unobtainium (aka: materials not avaliable in my country) and do a lot of tests, but as for now I’m confident it can be done.

A viewer asked (in a way) how I was going to make the battery replaceable. I’m sorry to say that the dice are not lit themselves, just when put over a lighted base. Here you can see the previous prototype in my hand, without light.


7 Responses to “Tron Legacy: A prototype.”

  1. Awesome! Do you want a die that glow in the dark?

    • Making it to glow in the dark, altough possible (I imagine that there is some material that glows blue), it’s out of my reach.
      The plan is more like a transparent die that sits on a led lighted base. That way you can have any colors you want on your dice, not just the ones you bought. (red, blue, green…for example)

  2. So, in what materials are you thinking?

  3. The dice themselves are going to be something “conventional”. I mean, the base material is a blank crystal clear die. But don’t take that lightly, even the biggest dice collector in the world, who has plenty of blank dice, has NOT yet one wich is crystal clear.

    Also, to do the opaque faces, there are various options.
    Ideally, it should be a black rubber coat, but that (I assure you) would push each SINGLE die price out the stratosphere ^^.
    So te second best option is to paint the dice in such a way that they MUST become scratch resistant. And for that I need a special paint wich is not sold in my country.

    Unobtainium apart, I have three different plans for the base itself. The “cheap” option, is a baseless group of four dice.

    The middle option is an acrylic base with basic led lighting.

    The top line (and the only one I would like to do, is a carbon fiber base, led lighted (purchaser selects the color), but don’t make me even think of a possible price…it’s like the carbon fiber D3, but worse…much worse…^^

    …sometimes I think I’m crazy…

  4. Have you seen these led dices?

    Another problem that I see it’s the battery replacement… but the concept is good and the dice design it’s magnific!

    Keep it going!

    Are you in SPAIN?

    • No, didn`t saw them previously.

      Also, the leds and battery do not go IN the dice, that would made them unpractical. My idea is to have functional dice, that when in their custom base, they lit like the photo. otherwise instead of blue, they look white.
      Just uploaded a photo of the proto in my hand. (remember, it’s a PAPER prototype)

      offtopic: Yes, I’m from Barcelona. (could not see any information about you in your page)

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