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Watchmen Dice: Ozymandias

-One of the worst of his sins is looking down everyone else, scorning the rest of humanity…-

What else can I say about him? Adrian Veidt represents the evil in it’s most logical form, he is The bad guy, and nothing can be said against it.

Apart from that, Ozymandias as character, has only two things that represent him: Purple and Bubastis.

For a while I played with the idea of doing the same as Silk Spectre, just the golden parts of his armour. Unfortunately, that would have made the overall image very very small, so all the detail would have been lost. On the other hand, Bubastis was represented also in the movie and is something we can associate with him.

While searching info about bubastis itself, I found this really cool artistic interpretation, and instantly thought that it represented what I wanted to show.

As you can see the die ist almost a direct simplification of Bubastis head and in the end it looked very cool.

I have found that Ozymandias and Silk Spectre the most difficult ones to do, because of their lack of symbols like the other characters.

In the end, I have enjoyed a lot doing them, because it has been a good excuse to dig deeper in the Watchmen fantasy and have learned a lot into character analysis.

Now there is only Dr. Manhattan left and the family pic will be complete.


2 Responses to “Watchmen Dice: Ozymandias”

  1. Well done!

    I was wondering what kind of icon you would use to represent Oz.

    Excellent choice! I never would’ve thought of that, but it’s right on target.

    Very, very cool.

    • Thankyou! ^^

      As a result of this personal challenge, I’m now learning that it’s really scary to take an icon and make a die.
      I really didn’t thought that much when I began to make the “Watchmen Dice”, just jumped in, and as a result I found that not all the characters had a readily accesible icon to use. That has teached me to think twice if I ever do this again 😛

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