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Watchmen Dice: NiteOwl II, the Owlship

“Created like a batman of the cold war, Daniel dreiberg is a now retired (and out of shape) masked vigilante who uses owl themed gadgets to protect the streets”.

While thinking about Nite Owl die, I reviewed what I could select as symbol for him. Albeit the costume was appealing, my inner tech lover drifted towards the Owlship, loving it the more I looked at it.

It proved difficult to obtain a single front picture of the owlship, and in the end, while looking at some different, I understanded that I could mirror half of the ship, since it was symmetrical.

Given the scale to wich I work (usually 14 mm in diameter), I’m slowly learning that sometimes I just can’t mantain all the details I wish I could, and that I have to capture the essence of the object in question, so it still is what we want to see in it.That being said, here you have Archie, the Owlship:

Also, here you have a pic of the currently made Watchmen Dice together. Note that the other three have lost part of the shine. That is because I have battered them, thrown them and in general, done bad things (like not cleaning them after heavy use, or leave them on the outside at freezing temperatures) to ensure the metal stays in place.


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