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Watchmen Dice: Rorschach

Many state that Rorschach, has no superpowers other than being strong and focused. To my view, he has one, his lack of morality.

That, gives him self-confidence and something like a sixth sense. Noone expects you to poke them an eye out, or to chew part of their arm, they expect from you some kind of normal self defense. That’s why he can do things even Dr. Manhattan is incapable of. So, to me, it’s a kind of superpower, in some way.

Many people would argue that he is totally insane and that his actions are only some type of twisted cruelty. I would say that to be a masked vigilante, you have to be a little insane to start, haven’t you?

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3 Responses to “Watchmen Dice: Rorschach”

  1. My favourite watchman.
    Love the die, hope you’ll put it up on ebay.

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  3. Rorschach does have morality – in fact he is completely bound by it more than any other character. It is just a VERY extreme morality that requires every evil act to be punished – harshly. He is the embodiment of capital punishment.

    Fantastic dice though!

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