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Watchmen Dice: Comedian.

Many have classified the Comedian as the only character in the Watchmen universe who is almost totally unlikeable. He is unrepentingly evil and for the most part he gets away with it.

Since he is the first one to die on the graphic novel, he will be the first one to have a die. Also he will serve to test new procedures on the dice, like adding colors. In this case, the red in the drop of blood that taints the smiley that appears throughout the series.

I made a slight mistake while doing the smiley, and the blood is flipped horizontally. nothing I cannot repair, but I was not going to make another die just for that. Nottice that the main image is flipped for the looks of it, but on the smaller ones, is left as the real die.

“For as saddist and soul-less he where, he was human after all…”


Possibly a lighter red would make the blood stand out. Also, flipping the smiley horizontally is a must too ^^.

Next one on tuesday 9th: Silk Spectre

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