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Brotherhood of Steel die.

Just a quick update (today i’m out of time for everything!!)  I hope you like it.

Some bubbles formed between the gears of the symbol, I think it was my fault while trying to speed up things…too much work today.


5 Responses to “Brotherhood of Steel die.”

  1. […] These are just goddamned gorgeous. […]

  2. Wow! These are pretty cool dice. By the way, don’t you worry that you get in trouble with the copyright holders of Fallout etc. for using their artwork?

    • Thanks ^^.

      I don’t mind it because this is more on the side of fan-art than “real” production. There is no machine involved and no mechanization of the process, and, last but not least, I won’t be producing many…20 at most. Noone is going to become rich on this. ^^
      The only one I won’t risk to produce is the “Imperial Guard”, Games Workshop is known for sending Cease & Desist letters just by saying their name 😛

  3. […] of you do. Mr. N over at dicecreator sent me a submission with some his personal favorites, like this… and this… and this. Drop by, and don’t forget to submit a theme for a die that […]

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