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Dice winner: Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel.

Being a Post apocalyptic fan (my girlfriend would say “junkie” ^^ ) I’m really going to enjoy making this weeks winner.

For those who do not know what Brotherhood of Steel is, they are a human faction in a somewhat anachronistic and post apocaliptic alternate reality, set in the EEUU 50’s.  They hunt for thechnology and protect people from some of the dangers of the wasteland.

Exists the posibility of some parts being so small that will not be represented in the die(the thin circle), but that will have to wait for the first prototype.


5 Responses to “Dice winner: Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel.”

  1. sweeeeet die.

    I love post-apocalyptic sci-fi too.

    See “Book of Eli” yet?

    • It`s not on cinemas yet, but i definitely want to see it ^^

      • It’s been out, here, for a few weeks. It’s DEFINITELY worth seeing in the theater/cinema (as opposed to waiting to see it on DVD or something). That’s all I’ll say 🙂

      • Finally saw “Book of Eli”. Cool, entertaining. Probably a must see for any fallout fan. BUT: not worth to see it in the cinema.

        Nonetheless, I liked it a lot. 😀

  2. aw. I thought it was. Even thought about seeing it a second time. But I’ll probably wait for DVD to see it the second time.

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