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Meditations about efficient production.

Today I had a small epiphany.

When I started making the plastic dice, I found that it was very time consuming to make them. My machinery can only output a small quantities each time, so the process was:

  1. Get up early, take breakfast.
  2. Sand dice.
  3. Prepare chemicals for brass.
  4. Prepare and make pieces.
  5. Inlaid them before they oxidize.
  6. Dinner.
  7. Make more pieces.
  8. Inlaid them before they oxidize.
  9. Tidy up chemicals, and clean spillage.
  10. Final sanding.

All this process depended on aforementioned small production runs and short oxidation times of the already prepared pieces.

Recently, by mistake, I discovered how to impede oxidation of the pre-made pieces. (actually, I left them unnatended, and lather found I had not done one of the processes on them, so they where left protected from environment).

So what came to my mind today?…

What if I just spent a whole day producing pieces, and the next one fabricating dice?.

Believe me, it seems (and is) easy, but when you’re at it, trying to make a decent dice output plus making prototypes to show, and keep a blog on it, all that just adds up over what you can do, and impedes cold and logic thinking.

So now, while producing lots of pieces for production, I can focus on what prototypes I like, and fabricate them between runs.

Probably it’s a small step for you, but it’s a big leap for Unconventional Dice survival ^^. (pun intended 😀  )

Oh, and yes, there are going to be prototypes today ^^.


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