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Les Chroniques de Sillage. (Wake comic)

Today, while discovering the endless possibilities that newfound efficiency brings, I opted to do a die not directly related to military.

Sillage is a hard science fiction graphic novel, where a human girl called Nävis, goes from a total primitive life in an abandoned forest planet, to become a special agent more or less like James Bond. Nävis lives in a supersized space convoy that travels along the galaxy, in search of resources, races, and technology.

Omnipresent in all that, is the Sillage (Wake) symbol. From comunicator devices to military badges, up to simple fashion accesory.

Main character being a girl, fashion is a second theme throughout the series. What makes it interesting is the variety of colors used by the authors in their outfits. Omnipresent black, green (dark & light), bright orange, blue, red…almost any you can imagine is worn by Nävis or other characters in the series.

So, to be on the line set by the comic, I picked not only my usual black die (because gold looks best over a dark background) but other two colors.

Also, I decided to do them in a really unusual way.  Since the symbol has this 3 petals, instead of replacing the standard “1” or “6”, as you may imagine, I changed the “3”. Given the difference of mass between “6” and “1” numbers, I was worried about the die being biased. After some tests I’ll let you know the outcoming.

I really like how they turned out, I think they are going to become my fetish D6 ^^


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