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“Building better worlds”

Probably some of you may have recognised the catch phrase.

For those who won’t, it belongs to one of the most evil megacorporations ever, the infamous “Weyland Yutani” from the Aliens saga. Believe it or not, it took me a while to “understand” the logo, because my eyes did not caught the Y beneath the W… ^^U

Seems that I have got some fixation for military themes (at least for the prototypes), because what got me into the W.Y. logo was just thinking about Aliens and the military involved.

And remember, vote on the poll for the next die to be “mass” produced.


3 Responses to ““Building better worlds””

  1. Outstanding work & if these die ever become a reality I`ll have some.

    • Thankyou ^^

      The prototype did not present any major difficulties in the process, so you have two routes, custom order some, or wait for the die to appear in the home page poll. (and convince some people to vote it ^^.

  2. that logo is also used by the industrial band Wumpscut.

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