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Failed Starship Troopers tribute.

Well, unfortunately, this post did not end right.

While finishing the die, I have found some of the boundaries of the technique used. Since this was only a quick prototype, I did not use all the processes I usually do to enhance material adhesion and surface finish. As a result, the brass ring popped up a bit, and while trying to fix it, i just messed all up. It’s a shame because the symbol was looking great, tomorrow while trying another proto, i’ll probably pull another one, but with minor modifications.

I will change the font and thickness. I simply don’t like it, while looking great on the paper, after done it looks awful!.

In the end I just posted it because is good to admit failure, in order to advance.

(Original Post text)

Title:  Do you want to know more?  (movie catch phrase)

12 Years ago, while seeing the main character of a movie dieing on the first minutes of movie, I knew I was going to love that film.

Green, red and orange blood all over the place (even in the cameras on some shots), helped shape an entertaining movie to watch on the big screen.

On my defense, I would argue that S.T. 2 & 3 have never existed. Alas, centering ourselves in the main movie, since yesteday I did the W40k Imperial Guard, some parts of my brain probably kept on looking at sci-fi armies, specifically the ones with recognisable symbols.

So today, I did a little tribute to this non-classic, loved/hated movie.

Also, please feel free to suggest other sci-fi army symbols/badges.


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